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ATA Tigers

4-6 Yrs

An exclusive new platform for martial arts that kids truly love.

Karate for Kids


The fundamentals of martial arts in a specialized kids program.

Teen & Adult Martial Arts


Get fit, while regaining a sense of balance in your life.

Here at Banghart’s ATA Martial Arts we strive to create confident martial artists whom become leaders both in and out of the studio!

Hello My Name Is Jay Banghart! Starting martial arts as a young child made such a powerful and positive impact on my life. Here at Banghart’s ATA Martial Arts we strive to give our students the same positive experience and push them to be the best versions of themselves! We are committed to our program and push our students to transcend their limits both mentally and physically. Our program teaches children essential life skills including: respect, integrity, perseverance, honor, attitude, loyalty, and courtesy. We believe that instilling these life skills early allow for our students to use these skills both inside and outside the studio.

Here at Banghart’s ATA Martial Arts we strive to build strong, confident, leaders one black belt at a time. Our life skills are the foundation of traditional martial arts. These values set us apart from any other sport, making martial arts a way of life. We look forward to helping you take your first step on this journey. .

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ATA Tigers

ATA Tigers is an exclusive new platform for martial arts that kids truly love.Cartoon Tiger characters provide a relational point students can identify, each character symbolizing a value that is a foundation of the Martial Arts. Take the first step to giving this extraordinary gift to your child today!

Teen & Adult Martial Arts Classes

From Teens to Adults, it is never too late to begin your martial arts journey,;Our Teen & Adult Martial Arts classes are a great way to release stress from work or school, and we welcome beginners as well as expert martial artists.

Karate for Kids

ATA Karate for Kids is designed for grade school children ages 7-12 years old.

We’re loving attending!! It’s been a really wonderful, and positive experience for my daughter. I appreciate that she’s practicing respect, discipline, and perseverance as well as running out her crazy 4 year old energy, all while learning a martial art! The instructors have all been patient, fun, and had an infectious energy that’s enjoyable to be around. We love Everett ATA!

Hannah Richardson


This place is great and my 5 year old loves it and has fun! I’m so happy he is learning respect and having fun! I am happy to watch my son do this and this place is so friendly and nice.

Kristina Anguiano

Jay has gone above and beyond to make our child feel welcome and at ease. He and his staff have a true heart and passion for making a profound difference in the life of every person that walks through his doors!
Everyone is left feeling bigger and more confident just by their interactions with them. It’s a true honor to be working with them.!

Elaine Michelle


We started my son here last year as an attempt at an energy outlet. He loved it so much that his sister wanted to join. They loved it so much that I joined along with my husband. There is a real family atmosphere. The instructors are a positive, energetic bunch who really care about the students. I’m so glad our family has this activity together. Thank you Banghart ATA!!

Amanda Pabustan